2020 Summer Online Mini Camp Now Open For Enrollment!

Our 2020 Summer Online Mini camps are now open for enrollment! We will have a lot of cool camps this coming summer. You can click HERE to learn more about the summer camps. You can click HERE to register for the summer camps. We will offer a 6-hour mini-camp each week. You will have a […]

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Scratch Art from Our Fine Art Summer Camp

Recently, we are having the fine art summer camps. One of the projects is Animal-Themed Scratch Art. Our students really enjoyed using the scratch board to depict their favorite animals. They spent a lot time creating design drafts, transferring the artwork, and scratch, scratch, scratch! Yes, it did take a lot of time and energy […]

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The Puppet Show – Goin Buggy, Love it!

Our school collaborated with the Spring Choir to create an all-student designed and performed puppet show – Goin Buggy. Our students took two weeks’ hardworking designing and building the stage. Love the nice details they created! They also created the puppets. They tried to use yarn to create a fluffy bumblebee first, but failed. Then […]

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