Students learn the basic art elements and terminology used in the world of fine art making through a fun and interactive way.

Creative Art Exploration, Level 1 (5-8)

Level 1 is 1-hour class. Students experiment with various kinds of art materials and art styles. Learn about basics of art elements and principles of design. The curriculum is age-appropriate, fun and will develop students’ confidence in making creative decisions.

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Creative Art Exploration, Level 2 (5-8)

Level 2 is 1.5-hour class that enhances students’ creative thinking, observation ability, and problem solving skills. Students learn more about art forms, art materials, and art concepts such as form, color, lines, shapes, etc. They also learn about basics of “Ideation Process” that is the grass root of creative thinking. This course will build a solid foundation for the intermediate and advanced art programs.

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Drawing courses focus on building fundamental drawing skills as well as creatively self-expression. The course is developed into three levels.

Drawing, Level 1 (8+)

In level 1, students learn the most fundamental drawing skills. They will explore different drawing tools, different techniques for creating value, contour drawing, various paper surfaces for effect, and many other insights. Our school uses creative pedagogy. So students will draw from life and learn to create with their own insights.

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Drawing, Level 2 (8+)

Level 2 is aimed at further developing the skills students learned in Level 1. Students not only hone their skills drawing with line and value, but also explore local value concepts, perspectives, and ideas for creating the illusion of depth.

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Painting courses focus on building fundamental painting skills as well as creatively self-expression. We have painting course that students will work with one media each semester. We also have Chinese painting course that focuses on Chinese traditional calligraphy and painting skills.

Painting (7+)

This course introduces students to classical and contemporary painting, techniques and concepts, with emphasis on the understanding of its formal language and the fundamentals of artistic expression. Painting from still-life, landscape, and life models from observation will be geared towards realism; at the same time, various other painting styles could be explored.  Color theory, linear perspective, compositional structure, figure/ground relationships, visual perception, spatial concepts, and critical thinking skills will all be emphasized extensively. For each semester, students will focus on one type of media. Fall – Watercolor; Winter – Acrylic; Spring – Oil Painting.

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Chinese Painting (7+)

This class teaches fundamentals and techniques of Chinese painting and calligraphy. Students will learn how to handle the Chinese painting brush, execute brush strokes correctly and artistically, control the flow of ink, and apply Chinese pigment paint. Students will also be introduced to famous painters and their artwork. Students will learn basic skills in drawing a variety of subjects such as flowers, birds, animals, and landscapes. This course also teaches basics of Chinese calligraphy. Each 1.5 hour class will be divided into 40 min Calligraphy and 50 min Chinese Painting.

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We offer classes for students who really love art and potentially will develop portfolio for collage/university application. Students will develop a high quality portfolio for AP studio art or Collage application.

Pre-AP (11+)

Students learn more about expressive rendering skills, composition, and other advanced concepts. Students explore more complex subjects such as figure drawing, portrait, and landscape. Another portion of this course is aimed at enhancing students’ creative and expressive abilities by encouraging them to experiment different drawing skills and explore the themes. This course connects with AP Portfolio course and prepares students with more advanced techniques.

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AP Art Portfolio

The AP Art Portfolio is designed for students who are seriously interested in the practical experience of art. AP Studio Art is not based on a written examination; instead, students submit portfolios for evaluation at the end of the school year. Our school will help high school students to prepare their portfolios for the AP studio art course. Our AP Portfolio program will:

  • Provide art students with the necessary skills to receive a good score on the College Board Ap Studio Art Portfolio Exam and qualify for college credit.
  • Improve and strengthen high school students with a well-rounded foundation program for creating art.
  • Inspire students to convey with a strong voice through visual elements.
  • Encourage students to explore a variety of art media (we also offer instruction in digital art for high school students)

Information on portfolio preparation and digital submission can be found on the College Board website (

In addition, our Portfolio class also help students who are interested to apply for art and design majors to prepare their portfolios. Please contact the school for more information.

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Happy Valley Art School proudly announces their unique summer camps that combine art, crafts, literature, STEM, and Chinese culture. Respecting and stimulating the individual creativity of each student is at the heart of their teaching philosophy. Happy Valley Art School takes a student-centered approach, with the focus on design principles and the process of problem solving, rather than on copying the subjects. In the classroom, instructors consult individually with each student as they work independently and collaboratively. They help students to develop their own big ideas, collect references, brainstorm the relevant concepts, and explore how the concepts are conveyed through visual elements. Sarah Wang, the founder of Happy Valley Art School, started this art school to provide a safe and inspiring environment that triggers this learning process. Sarah got her PhD in Art Education from the Ohio State University that has the best art education program. Her research focuses on Creative Pedagogy and how to integrate Design Thinking in education. Below is the schedule of the summer camps.


A Typical Day of Camp

Camp Fee


Early Bird (Before April 1): $10 per class (code: EARLY2017SUMMER)

Sibling Discount: $10 per class (code: MULTI2017SUMMER)

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel the camp, Please notify us 1 week ahead to get full refund (5% process fee required). Otherwise, you can only get half of camp fee refund.

Material & Device Policy

Material included! Computers are provided for Tech camps!


Game Design, Digital Storytelling, and Programming

Students will learn how to make their own story into an interactive feature and to create their own game. In this exciting introduction to coding and game building, students can make absolutely anything happen with the power of Scratch and its physics engine, expansive media gallery, and art studio. Drag and drop code blocks to make your creation come to life! Each student will bring home with the games and digital stories they made on Scratch, as well as a nice package of art and stories they created during the camp!

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Design Thinking, Modeling, and 3D Printing

Campers will create 3D models, along with household materials and simple circus to invent a new project that solves a daily problem. Students will learn to analyze a problem, find solutions and create simple prototypes with a variety of materials. They will also be challenged to create a 3D model of their “best” prototype (or part of the prototype) with Tinkercad, watch how the 3D printer works, and finally construct their prototypes. Students will also present their projects in front of parents in the end-of-week showcase.

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Drawing, Painting, and Portfolio

This camp is designed to provide instruction in the fundamental approach, techniques, and concepts of drawing and painting. Students will investigate various ideas and considerations regarding art in both historical and contemporary terms. Campers will be divided by age and levels. Little students will focus more on observation and creative exploration. Larger students will be taught using still life, nature, and human figure as a means of investigating art elements and principles using a wide array of media. Students will bring home a portfolio of all the works they created during the camp. High schoolers are welcomed to take the camp to prepare portfolio for AP Studio Art and college application.

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Creative Writing, Sculpting, and Claymation

Bring your characters and stories to life! Students will learn to write a story and convert the story to a script for an animated cartoon. They will then create drawings of characters as inspiration to build 3D model clay sculptures. Campers will learn basics of animation production such as timeline and storyboarding. They will use stop motion apps as well as simple video editing apps to turn their story into REAL animation! Students will bring home the sculptures they made and also the link to their animation to share with families and friends. Students will also present and play their animation in front of parents in the end-of-week showcase.

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Chinese Poem, Calligraphy, and Painting

This camp will be taught by a well-known Chinese painting and calligraphy artist. Students will learn to write a Chinese poem with Chinese brush, understand the meaning and words of the poem, and also the basics of Chinese painting. In the end, students will create a Chinese painting artwork that conveys their understanding of the poem and write the poem as the inscription of the painting. We will hold a small exhibition in the end-of-week showcase.

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Storytelling, Manga, and Comic Strips

Students will learn the fundamentals of cartooning and illustration. They will learn cartoon character design and construction with lessons in drawing and layout. Students will work on three major projects during the camp: pencil, ink and color an cartoon action poster; their own comic book cover; design at least two characters and create comic strips of the stories happening between the characters. Campers will bring home their own handmade comic books.

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Course Date Time Instructor
Creative Art Exploration (Age 5-8) Level 1 1Hr Tuesday 6:30-7:30pm Yousun
Wednesday 3:30-4:30pm
Friday 4:00-5:00pm Sarah
5:45-6:45pm Yousun
Saturday 9:30-10:30am Carina
3:15-4:15pm Carina
Creative Art Exploration (Age 5-8) Level 2 1.5Hr Tuesday 6:30-8:00pm Sarah
Friday 4:00-5:30pm Yousun
Saturday 9:30-11:00am Yousun
Drawing (Age 8+) Level 1 1.5Hr


Monday 3:30-5:00pm Sarah
Tuesday 4:30-6:00pm Yousun
Wednesday 3:30-5:00pm Sarah
Thursday 4:00-5:30pm Sarah
Friday 5:15-6:45pm Sarah
Saturday 10:45-12:15pm Carina
1:30-3:00pm Garth
5:00-6:30pm Garth
Drawing (Age 10+) Level 2 1.5Hr Monday 3:30-5:00pm Sarah
Tuesday 4:30-6:00pm Yousun
Wednesday 3:30-5:00pm Sarah
Thursday 4:00-5:30pm Sarah
Saturday 11:15-12:45pm Yousun
1:30-3:00pm Carina
Painting (Age 7+) 1.5 Hr

Fall: Watercolor; Winter: Acrylic, Spring: Oil Painting

Wednesday 4:45-6:15pm
Saturday 10:45-12:15pm
Chinese Painting & Calligraphy (Age 7+) 1.5 Hr Saturday 1:30-3:00pm Sarah
Maker’s Class (Age 7+) 1.5 Hr

We are proudly to be one of the Maker’s Camp affiliations:

Fall Maker Theme: 3D Form (Clay, recycling materials, 3D printing)

Saturday 3:15-4:45pm Garth
Pre-AP (11+) 2 Hr / AP and Portfolio (13+) 2 Hr Monday 3:30-5:30pm Sarah
Wednesday 3:30-5:30pm Sarah
Thursday 4:00-6:00pm Sarah
Saturday 3:15-5:15pm Sarah