About The Courses

Drawing courses focus on building fundamental drawing skills as well as creatively self-expression. The course is developed into three levels.

Level 1: Students learn the most fundamental drawing skills. They will explore different drawing tools, different techniques for creating value, contour drawing, various paper surfaces for effect, and many other insights. Our school uses creative pedagogy. So students will draw from life and learn to create with their own insights.

Curriculum Example 

Concepts: Line and value

Skills: Observational drawing skills, shading and blending with pastel, marker and color pencil

Visual Art Standards: Use shading (value) to transform a two-dimensional shape into what appears to be a three-dimensional form; use contrast (light and dark) expressively in an original work of art.

Artists of Inspiration: Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol

Topics and Projects Media (Subject to change) Assignments
Week 1 Still life composition study with a view finder Pencil, ink pen Still life group sketch
Week 2 Still life group sketch
Week 3

Converse Shoe Design Project

Pencil, ink pen, marker

Pattern design experiment
Week 4 Shoe sketch
Week 5 Architecture Castle Drawing

Pencil, ink pen, color pencil, watercolor

My house sketch
Week 6 Corner of my room sketch
Week 7 Music Cubism

Pencil, ink pen, color pencil

Instrument sketch (line)
Week 8 Instrument sketch (color pencil)