Doodle4Google – Great project for school contest!

Our students recently finished the Doodle4Google project. And we started our school’s contest, just to encourage students and show parents how great our students are. This year’s theme for the Doodle4Google contest is “What Inspires Me?” We really love this theme because we, as artists and art educators, are always looking for our inspiration to create and to teach. We want to encourage our students to explore what they care about, what they are interested in, what they want to explore, and what they want to do in the future. Our students worked so hard during the past month to create an art doodle that shows their voice.

We integrated design thinking into our curriculum design.¬†Students spent time brainstorming what inspire them, choosing the concepts they want to work on, finding references, designing drafts, revising their sketch, and finally creating a Doodle that shows what inspires them and what lies their true interest. It is a terrific experience for students to go through the design thinking process and to express their thoughts. Meanwhile, it is also a great opportunity for both the teachers and the parents to hear students’ voice. We understand that Google will only choose one semi-finalist from each state. So we want to organize this student show to invite families and friends to look at our students’ brilliant work and support their hardworking.

Below are some of our students Doodle4Google work, so proud of them!

If you are interested to see other students’ work, visit¬† and vote for our students.

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